What is the PCDI?

The Policy Coherence for Development Index (PCDI) is a tool designed to measure, evaluate and compare countries’ commitment to sustainable, fair and equitable human development. It was developed as an alternative to the limited, hegemonic vision of the indicators typically used to measure progress, particularly Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A country’s progress can only be considered as such if it is compatible with the progress of other countries and the planet as a whole. The PCDI was built to measure that relationship.

El PCDI analyses both the policies that make a positive contribution to a country’s sustainable development and those that hinder it, not only within that country but also in third countries or on the planet as a whole. The PCDI thus provides a full sustainable development map.

This index is not neutral. Nor are others that measure GDP, Gross National Income (GNI) or even the Human Development Index (HDI). The PCDI sanctions and/or rewards the behaviour of countries in terms of their approach and bent towards highly cosmopolitan sustainable development including a gender and human rights perspective, taking into account ecology, and refraining from the assumption that countries’ domestic policies only impact their own citizens. Our aim is to dislodge GDP and the HDI as the main benchmarks determining governments’ political action and we have developed a tool to analyse public policies and make it more likely that they will put people and the planet at the heart of development.

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